Announcing Viacom Open Source Software

In the Multiplatform Engineering team at Viacom, we are heavily invested in open source software solutions. I’ve been here for over 16 years, started as a Java developer and now I'm a manager of one of several groups of talented engineers. We’ve embraced open source for almost as long as I’ve been here in one form another. Jakarta Commons (remember that?), Linux, JBoss, Jetty, PHP, Solr, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Node.js… The list keeps going. We’re committed to open source software and we don’t see that changing. Ever. We love the effect a community of passionate developers has on a project, and think, in most cases, there are no commercial substitutes for a great open source project.

We’re beginning an open source initiative of our own to give back and help show off some of the fantastic work the talented engineering teams do here every single day. Viacom is a content company with some very strong technologists. We have to be because the media and entertainment business we’re in is changing and evolving and we need to change and evolve with it. Growing our engineering talent and ensuring that Viacom is a great place for smart, passionate engineers is a critically important part of the company’s future.

We have created a new organization on GitHub. Currently, there are three projects started at Viacom (not forks of other projects). By the time you read this it there could be more, so just check out ViacomOSS to see what we're contributing. It can all be improved so if you're interested in one of the projects, open an issue, fork it, add tests, add a feature, improve the documentation, and create a pull request.

We'll be posting more about our program soon.

Mark Cohen

VP, Web Application Engineering at Viacom, Inc.

Ridgewood, NJ